Manage the Media

Learn how to Manage the Media from a media professional who has worked both sides of the dialogue. In a half-day seminar that covers both affirmative outreach and information crisis management, you can gain the skills needed to communicate your story effectively.

TONY SETON approaches the task by first making his clients aware of how the media -- print, broadcast and other -- work. Specifically, if you are trying to get a story covered or to guide the coverage of a story, you need to understand the attitudes, needs, and processes of the people who are controlling the coverage. Tony discusses the media in general and the local media in particular.

He  also outlines effective techniques in interviewing, conducting news conferences and other client-controlled events to demonstrate the best way to manage conflict situations, from the ambush interview to situational damage control. You are provided with tools for developing talking points and delivering them efficiently to camera.

Participants can each take a turn on camera, receiving personal direction on how to talk about specific issues, especially to an interviewer who is hostile or not well-informed. The taping is followed by review and critique by the group.

Because most of media management is not about damage control but public relations, Tony explains a pro-active approach to informational outreach, specifically how to engender positive news coverage cost-effectively on both a short- and long-term basis.

produced coverage of Watergate, eight elections and six space shots, in addition to Barbara Walters’ news interviews and award-winning Business/Economics reporting for ABC News. He wrote, produced, directed and reported two award-winning public television documentaries, Mother Nurture (2001) and Divorce -- Collaborative Style (2002), and is the author of Don't Mess with the Press / How to Write, Produce and Report Quality Television News (2003). In 2011, Tony published The Quality Interview / Getting It Right on Both Sides of the Mic. He has also worked in all phases of magazine, newspaper, newsletter and brochure production, in advertising, marketing, public relations, corporate communications and media training.

Fees are based on the number of people and the scope of the training. For more information, send an email or call 831-747-1918.

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