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There are some select interviews from and some complete broadcasts of America Back on Track.Click on the names to listen (mp3) to the interview. The links beneath the names are to sources of further information.

Bill Bronston (7/4/04)                                 Interview with Rep. Sam Farr (4/11/08)
Universal Healthcare Advocate                    D-17th California

John Dean (10/10/07)                                 Interview with Jane Parker (4/22/08)
"Broken Government"                                 Candidate, 4th Supervisorial Dist., Monterey Cnty

Riane Eisler (4/26/07)                               
“Real Wealth of Nations”                           

Francesca Ferrari (1/30/07)
QiGong Practitioner

Dorothy Finell (6/6/07)                                Interview of Tony Seton by Stephan Klapproth,
"The Specialty Shop"                                 Swiss Television Anchor (11/21/07)

Dean Flippo (11/6/07)
Monterey Country DA

P.M. Forni (5/21/07)
"Choosing Civility"

Page Gardner (7/3/07)
Women's Voices, Women Vote

Bill George (7/9/07)
"True North: Discover Your Authentic Leadership"

Brian Gingerich (9/6/07)
Mattress Maker

Michael Graham (12/21/07)
Kelp Ecology

Stancil Johnson (11/2/07)

Stephan Klapproth (11/21/07)
Swiss Broadcaster

Nora Klaver (7/17/07)
"MAYDAY! Asking for Help in a Go-It-Alone Culture"

Steve Kleinman (6/6/07)
Interrogation Specialist

Steve Kleinman (7/5/07)

Steve Kleinman (10/1/07)

Gene Koonce (7/12/07)

Ken Kramer (7/11/07)
Teen Screen

Carolyn Lochhead (10/22/07)
Farm Subsidies

Ron Longo  (11/28/07)
Red Condor, Stop Spam

Sheila Madden (7/3/07)
Executive & Life Coach

Sheila Madden (12/24/07)
Executive & Life Coach

Tate Miller (4/23/07)
China expert

Pastor Cecil Murray (10/12/07)
Justice and Race

Bill Monning (11/12/07)
Candidate for the California State Assembly

Valerie Nitolli (10/21/07))
Former USAF

Gareth Porter (9/26/07)
Iran observer

Michelle Renee (8/17/07)
"Held Hostage"

Joel Reynolds (9/20/07)
NRDC - Whales and Sonar

Scott Ritter (5/24/07)

Mike Robbins (8/30/07)
"Focus on the Good Stuff"

Jerrold Lee Shapiro (8/14/07)
“When Men are Pregnant”

Drew Westen (10/02/07)
"The Political Brain"

Don White (10/19/07)
Singer / Songwriter


Full ABoT Broadcast (6/14/07)
Thom Rutledge, "Embracing Fear"
Carolyn Kay, Political Editor

Full ABoT Broadcast (7/4/07)
Bill Bronston, Universal Healthcare Advocate
Susan Linn, Commercial-Free Childhood

Full ABoT Broadcast (7/18/07)
Bruce Fein,  Impeachment
Marion Nestle, Food Politics

Full ABoT Broadcast (8/1/07)
Lazar Palnick, Election Fraud
Richard Myer, The Magic Man

Full ABoT Broadcast (8/10/07)
Lance Miller, The Way to Happiness Foundation
Stephen Pizzo, News for Real

Full ABoT Broadcast (8/14/07)
Jerrold Lee Shapiro, “When Men are Pregnant”
Patricia Vasquez, The WIP, Iranian Hostage 

Full ABoT Broadcast (8/15/07)
Rep. Hank Johnson, D-GA 4th
Geraldine Bouchet, Cranial Sacral Therapist

Full ABoT Broadcast (9/13/07)
Bryan  Caplan, "The Myth of the Rational Voter"
Russell Portenoy, Pain Management

Full ABoT Broadcast (9/26/07)
Gareth Porter, Iran observer
Larry Crane, “Release Technique”



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