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    Coming soon...the second in the series of Hamilton & Egberta children's stories that adults enjoy reading as well.    
  This is Gerard Rose's latest, and perhaps most important, book. He has written a fact-based novel about a chapter in American history that many we would like to forget, but which we should always we never repeat it.
Robert and Raymond were best friends. When Pearl Harbor was attacked, Robert went to fight the Japanese in the Pacific. Raymond and his family were interned at Manzanar. Then Raymond joined the 442nd regiment and fought the Germans in Italy, earning two Silver Stars.
  This is the first in Gerard Rose's series of children's stories that equally engages adult readers. To wit...Once upon a time there was a little boy named Hamilton, and a little girl named Egberta. They lived two houses from one another on Sheridan Road in Wilmette, Illinois, a small suburb north of Chicago, and they were students in the same grade at the local public school. Hamilton and Egberta loved to engage in sports, and walk along Lake Michigan at Gillson Park, and play word games with their friends. But most of all they loved to travel. In fact, whenever they traveled they would write stories about their adventures together...   


The Early Troubles is a delightful first novel from Gerard Rose. Set in Ireland in 1915, it is the story of rebellion and romance as the people struggled to get out from under the yoke of the brutal British oppression during The Great War. An exciting historical novel by Gerard Rose, The Boy Captain tells the story of one a great American hero, little remembered for his stirring exploits in the American Revolution and the War of 1812. The story open In 1775, when Joshua Barney, not yet sixteen, has to take command of a merchant ship crossing the Atlantic, caught in the middle of a fierce storm. He had served for four years as an apprentice to the captain, and when the old man died, young Joshua was the only one on board who knew how to chart a course and manage the crew brazilian hair uk. That was just the beginning of his adventures. Bless Me Father is the extraordinary story of a man growing up during a time when a nation raises itself in a changing world. It is a story about a time, almost more than a person; about a people but also very much about one man. Bless Me Father recounts the patterns of a life that while familiar in our time have their own individual moments birthed from a single soul. There is childhood and school, war and love, parenting and profession. And each of us puts our own imprimatur on this course we call life, producing a unique legacy of hope and purpose.

Gerard Rose's For I Have Sinned is a new historical novel and  marvelous sequel to his earlier Bless Me Father. His perspective on the last 50 years is engaging and illuminating.  In recounting the events of life, and the people and circumstances that provide direction, Gerard delves into territory that is familiar to most of us who have been participating and observing the immense sea changes that have characterized these amazing times. His tales are  both fact and metaphor, and serve to provide greater understand of our own lives. An historical novel based on the life of a true western hero, this powerful story traces the path of Donald Rose from his growing up on a ranch in Colorado through his maturing years on the California Central Coast to his service with the AEF in the trenches of the War to End All Wars. This book, the fifth and a stunner from the excellent pen of Gerard Rose, is poignant, and powerful in its importance in telling the story of a noble and courageous man of the American West.







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