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Mother Nurture is a half-hour television program by award-wining veteran
broadcast journalist Tony Seton that explores some of the significant changes in child-rearing
through two transformative generations of California motherhood. Featuring ideas of how to
better nurture children, Mother Nurture is for everyone who is thinking of becoming a parent,
for those people who already have children, and for those who simply want to make a better
world for all children, for generations to come.

The Mothers

Linda married at nineteen and had her first child a year later. She sold real estate for a while, but when her husband left, she needed more support. So as a single mother, supporting her two children, she put herself through law school, taking classes at night. hair extensions uk

Denise  went to college, and later earned an MBA. A world-traveler who lived in Japan, she waited until she was in her mid-thirties before she got married and had her two children. Then she went back to work, but she is able to work mostly out of her home.

The Fathers

Trent is a single father who gave up a high-paying position so that he could be with his son more often.

Eyad comes from a culture that understands the vital role that the whole family plays in rearing the children.
The Children

Connor                           Jonah                              Elijah

 The Journalist

 The Production Staff

Tony Seton wrote, produced, and directed
Mother Nurture. An award-winning broadcast journalist who became an instant grand- father through marriage, Tony reports on how child-rearing has changed dramatically since the 50's and 60's. For more information on Tony, click on his photograph.

Richard Jett
was Director of Photography.

Richard Childs edited the program and created its look.

Jay Farrington handled the sound recording.

Kathleen Callan voiced the Toddler Tips.

Jonathon Lee wrote and performed the music.

The primary footage for Mother Nurture was videotaped in Redding and Corona, California. Tony's on-camera footage was taped in the playground at the Horizon School in Mill Valley. Mother Nurture was produced at ConnectMedia in Mill Valley.

© 2001 Tony Seton Communications



Mother Nurture was honored with a 2002 Award of Distinction  by The Videographer Awards.

Mother Nurture was honored with a 2002 Award of Distinction by The Communicator Awards.


Toddler Tips - A dozen Toddler Tips were discovered in the course of researching Mother Nurture. To hear an audio version of the Toddler Tip, click the symbol.

#1 - Ask questions. No parent can know everything about child-rearing, but they should have at their fingertips where to get information and assistance. There are friends and relatives, books and the Internet. There are also many public services available to assist parents. If your baby needs more than you can provide, don't hesitate. Call for help. 

#2 - Think of yourself as a personal trainer. It is solely your responsibility to keep your children in good physical health. Feed them right, and give them the right amount of physical exercise. Just being outdoors is almost always a healthful idea when the weather is nice. Children are mother nature at her finest. They do well together. 
#3 - Pets and young children don't always mix well. Sometimes pets resent the competition for affection and take it out suddenly and unfortunately on the child. More often, the problem is a toddler who accidentally pokes a dog in the eye can get scratched or bitten, or knocked over by the animal trying to escape. Make sure to protect young children from animals and vice versa. 

#4 - It's amazing how young children can get around before they learn how to walk -- just on their hands and knees. So you might want to get down on the floor yourself and crawl around, looking for sharp corners that need to be removed or padded. Also, you may be surprised how quickly your child can pull himself up, on a coffee table for instance. Is there anything on the table that could hurt a child? 

For the other eight Toddler Tips, click here.


Expert Advice
Much of the information for
Mother Nurture came from comments solicited from dozens of
thoughtful parents, as well as non-parents who have given some thought to the subject.
They were asked
What advice they would have for people thinking of becoming parents.
There were some traditional ideas reinforced, plus some fresh thinking that could be useful.

* * * * * * *

Realize that it is a commitment for the remaining years of your life.

We don't ever stop parenting! Good, Bad or Indifferent......once a MOM always a MOM!

We have four grown children (ages 38, 37, 30 and 28) who still require and seek advice,
counseling and general nurturing. It is human nature. The best advice...be prepared...
understand the complete consumption of time, energy & money raising a child brings.

You never know if you've done the right things for your children until it's too late to
make corrections.

Successful parenting is 70 percent love, 20 percent luck and 10 percent discipline.
Love means knowing that sometimes "no" is the most loving answer, but saying
"yes" as often as possible brings much more joy to parent and child. Luck is the
popular modern name for "the Grace of God". Discipline means "teach", not
"punish", and teaching involves lessons proving that actions bring consequences
 -- good and bad, but even bad ones may be mitigated.

For more of their comments...click here.


A Favorite Story...It's about a gardener who is cleaning out his potting shed and in the back,
behind a bag of planting mix, he comes across a flower bulb of a kind he's never seen before.
He decides that he will plant the bulb, and nurture it, and see what it will become. He will
read up and give it the most informed, best considered care he can. He will protect it from
danger and disease. He will nurture the bulb to planthood to the best of his ability, and will
respect the results. So with our children.

Thank you...

... to Linda, Denise, Trent, Eyad, Connor, Jonah, and Elijah.

...also to Mina Patel and the Montessori Academy of Corona, California.

...and to Rob Reiner and everyone who supported Proposition 10.



The Shasta Children and Families First Commission provided the funding for the production
of Mother Nurture. Muffy Berryhill is the Executive Director. 

For more resources on child-rearing, you might contact the
California Children and Families Commission.


To order your DVD of Mother Nurture ($16.00), please click here.




© 2001-2019 Tony Seton Communications        

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