Tony Seton



Curriculum Vitae

Tony Seton has written, produced, directed, and reported in live and tape broadcasts for radio and television, both commercial and public, network and local, winning a number of national awards. He got started in professional communications at age 19, on April Fool's Day 1970, working as a $73-a-week copy-boy on the overnight assignment desk at ABC Network Television News in New York. During the Seventies, he rose through the ranks to become a senior producer at ABC, covering five space shots, six elections, Watergate, Barbara Walters' news interviews, and a decade of breaking news stories across North America and Europe.

In 1980, he moved to the West Coast where he began a second career as a consultant on marketing, advertising, public relations, and corporate communications ventures that ranged from long distance telephone service to riverboat gambling, medical equipment leasing to taquerias, matchmaking to computers. He also kept his hand in broadcasting. As Director of Marketing and Research for KXTC, a Monterey lite rock radio station, he doubled revenues, produced a series of highly-praised environmental minutes, and conducted interviews with local movers and shakers.

In 1995, Tony partnered with a long-time friend to form Wins of Change, a political consulting firm specializing in media and message. In the first three cycles, they produced the television messages for a number of federal, state, and local campaigns. They also produced radio spots for three U.S. Senate and two House races in five states. Clients included Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) and U.S. Senate candidate Rep. Tom Campbell, a Republican who represented Silicon Valley.

Offered the opportunity to get back to broadcasting, Tony debuted a new radio program, Tony Seton's InFORMATION, on KBPA 1220AM in January 1998. His show reached tens of thousands of upscale Bay Area listeners who were bored with NPR and instead tuned into his program for scintillating conversation on relevant topics, news2use, and thoughtful humor.

A prolific writer, Tony has published two consumer books, Right Car, Right Price and The Under $800 Computer Buyer's Guide, a passel of poems, a volume of book reviews, and a sheaf of essays. His writing has appeared in publications across the country.

Tony taught Documentary Film Writing at Monterey Peninsula College and occasionally lectured on "The Truth about Television News." He has also instructed in Creative Writing at the women's Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, California. In addition, Tony has provided media training for individuals, companies and organizations.

After moving to Redding, Tony appeared briefly on radio station KQMS, where his SetonnoteS commentary and Newsmaker interviews won their time slots by 50%. While at the radio station, Tony launched a series of reports on learning to fly, From the Ground Up, which have been reproduced for national syndication.

In the fall of 2001, Tony wrote, produced, directed and reported Mother Nurture, a half-hour public television program on child-rearing; it received two national awards. In late 2002, he wrote, produced, directed and reported a second public television half-hour program called Divorce -- Collaborative Style. It was also recognized with a national award.

In September of 2003, he published a television news textbook entitled Don't Mess with the Press / How to Write, Produce and Report Quality Television News. A month later, Tony moved back to Mill Valley (California) and the following year established the American Patriots Coalition. Under this banner, he produced three GOTV (get out the vote) television spots designed to increase voter participation in the 2004 election swing states.

In the Spring of 2005, Tony moved back to Monterey to establish a new radio station as the flagship for a Radio Free America syndication network. But when his partners preferred to air syndicated broadcasts that promoted a particular agenda and when they eschewed plans to develop quality news broadcasts, it was time for a parting of the ways. Tony established the Quality News Network.

QNN began airing the finest hourly newscasts in the country, Monday through Friday, from 6:00am through 6:05pm (Pacific) in January of 2006. The QNN newscasts streamed live on the Internet and were uplinked to a tier-one satellite for distribution to radio stations around the country.

In August of 2006, Tony published a how-to interviewing guide called The Quality Interview / Getting It Right on Both Sides of the Mic. The book was based in part on the more than 250 interviews he did with political challengers in the 2006 races, candidates from all parties and from all fifty states, for the House, Senate and governorships.

In October 2006, Tony launched America Back on Track, a daily noon hour broadcast featuring news, interviews, and commentary. The program features conversations with many local people speaking about global issues, as well as prominent national and international figures talking about how to restore the values and sense of purpose on which this country was founded. A major Pacific storm and financial difficulties forced QNN off the air on January 4th 2008. (Interviews & Recordings)

Tony started teaching at the Monterey Institute of International Studies in the fall of 2007 with a course in "Media Management in Public Policy."

Branching out in 2009, Tony produced a half-dozen websites from design to execution. Also, he edited a book for a Vietnam War POW, consulted to an agricultural labor contractor, designed a program to teach non-English speaking workers the lexicon of their workplace, and was media advisor in two statewide political races. In April 2010, Tony published his latest book, Truth Be Told, a novel based on a true story of sexual harassment and cover-up at a law school.

In June 2001, Tony launched The Living Proof Project. He writes and produces books (and videos and websites) for individuals. The first book -- "Vision for a Healthy California" by Assemblyman Bill Monning -- came out in September. A second by spiritualist Dan Shafer came out in October, together with a video trailer.

In March, Tony published From Terror to Triumph / The Herma Smith Curtis Story, and in April published his latest novel, Silver Lining, a compelling, heart-warming story of romance, politics, media, and guns, torn from today's news headlines.

Several more books are in process.

When hes not working, Tony is out flying, shooting photographs or talking long walks along the Pacific Ocean.         PO Box 7281, Carmel CA 93921