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Award-winning broadcast journalist...political consultant...writer...photographer...pilot

Mission Statement

America has gotten off track. Our politicians are in the pockets of special interests and private agendas. The mainstream media has been cowed into abdicating their role as the Fourth Estate. And the citizenry is awash in apathy, ignorance, and despair.

We, the people, in order to restore a more perfect union, have to take back the reins of government from those who have failed us and get America Back on Track.

Always fresh and current. No prepared text. No yellowed pages so dog-eared they bark. Just notes, prepared uniquely for every occasion, Tony Seton speaks to this need in non-partisan terms, summoning his audience to a new, vibrant, participatory patriotism that provokes laughter and applause, and a feeling of progress.

Recent Presentations

Monterey Rotary - Hyatt Regency
The Critical Failure of the Fourth Estate
or (Text)   (10/13/16)

Stillwater Club; Pebble Beach Lodge
The Collapse of the Fourth Estate Threatens the Future of the USA
 or (Text)  (09/08/16)

"Great Lives" - Carmel Foundation  (10/2/12)

Passion by Design interview  (KFNX 8/27/11)

Kiwanis of Monterey; Park Lane
   A Progressive-Conservative Dialectic (06/8/11)

Stillwater Club; Pebble Beach Lodge
   A Progressive-Conservative Platform (04/21/11)

Diogenes Club of Carmel-by-the-Sea
   The Question of Evil   (03/12/11)

Monterey Bay Republican Women Federated
   Drowning in the Mainstream Media  (3/3/10)

DAR - Commodore Sloat Chapter
   The Quality of Life  (10/20/09)

WHAV Distinguish Speakers Series
   What Happened to Journalism   (09/21/09)

Diogenes Club of Carmel-by-the-Sea
   High-Tech Holmes   (09/12/09)

Sample SetonnoteS

Post-Partum Boustrophedon  (8/13/10) 

  We’re the Redcoats   (8/12/10)

  Relaxing in Fiction   (8/6/10) 

  The Reign of Drug Terror  (8/3/10) 

  Dangerously Dumbed Down   (8/2/10) 

  Setter Grace   (7/29/10) 

Suggested Topics

  America Back on Track

  The Truth about Television News

  Flying Wright

  Reflection and Imagination

  Mainstream Media Run Aground

  My Uncle Was in "Casablanca"

  Civil Rights vs. Affirmative Action

  In the Garden of Continuing Reflection

  Son of a Shrink

  Men & Women -- Originally Different Species

  Elvis Is Really Dead

  Immigration Fix


The audience was enamored with Tony Seton. His dry wit broke the ice; his deep understanding of the issues drew praise. It was refreshing to hear observations that defied any party ideology, and the logical results were naturally persuasive arguments. – Tim Coco, WHAV

Tony Seton was excellent. – Jack Bevalaqua, The Open Mic Show

If you only hear one speaker this year, make it Tony Seton’s hard-to-beat combination of knowledge and insight, wrapped in a witty, entertaining delivery. – Andrew Reinbach, Business-economics editor

Over the years I've come to rely on Tony’s daily commentary to keep me up to date about politics, culture, and the world. I can't imagine doing without what he provides reliably, intelligently, and with considerable humor. – Pauline H. Tesler, Collaborative attorney

Tony Seton is a compelling, well informed, and fair observer of America's political, social, and economic scene. I've learned something every time I've heard him speak. – Tom Campbell, former US Rep

Tony Seton is a good friend and ally. He is also a very astute and insightful guy about public policy issues. His is a voice that deserves to be heard. – Ward Connerly, American Civil Rights Institute /author

Throughout our interview, I kept trying to figure out whether Tony Seton was a liberal or a conservative. I never could, and that is the rare hallmark of a truly good reporter. – Tom Kovach, Cong cand.

Not since William Jennings Bryant has the world been blessed by such a rhetorical presence. At the end of a Tony Seton speech there is no applause, because the audience, is reluctant to break the spell or degrade his art with mere vulgar clapping of hands. -- Stephen Pizzo, Journalist / author

Tony Seton for president...at least. -- Herb Caen, SF columnist

Tony Seton not only knows American politics from A to Z, he knows how to make it interesting and entertaining. A riveting outside the box speaker, he is one of the California's most knowledgeable political commentators. – Dick Spotswood, Marin Independent Journal

Would you believe...

  "Tony Seton is a cherry of a truth-teller." -- George Washington

  "Tony Seton lights up my brain." -- Thomas Alva Edison

  "Tony Seton hits a home run every time." -- Abner Doubleday

Marshall McLuhan

"He who doesn't understand that education and entertainment are inextricably entwined doesn't understand either."

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