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Tony Seton is a writer, publisher, public speaker, business and political consultant, and communications specialist.  Early in his career as a broadcast journalist, he covered Watergate, six elections, and five space shots, produced Barbara Walters' news interviews, and won a handful of national awards for his business-economics coverage for ABC Network Television News.  Later, he wrote, produced, directed, and reported two award-winning public television documentaries.  He has conducted over 2,600 interviews and syndicated more than 2,300 essays for print and broadcast.  Tony has also taught journalism and media at the college and graduate level, and written and published two textbooks.  He has kept his hand in by sending out news articles and digests to several lists.  As a political consultant, his clients have included Nancy Pelosi, Tom Campbell, the American Nurses Association, and more than a dozen local candidates.  Other hats he’s worn include those of teacher, media trainer, and web designer.  In the past nine years, Tony has written and published more than forty of his own works, and produced more than thirty books – fiction and nonfiction – for clients.  When he’s not working, Tony is flying, taking photographs, and walking on the beach.

Seton Publishing

Much of Tony's time of late has been spent in writing and publishing. He has edited and published more than 70 books in the last ten years, twelve of them featuring Francie LeVillard, the world's finest consulting detective.




Tony has been called "an electrifying public speaker." Styling himself as a "Motivational Patriot," he speaks to audiences small and large about the need to get America back on track. His talks have ranged from a A Progressive-Conservative Political Platform to Sherlock Holmes and the Question of Evil.


Communications Services

Tony consults businesses, civic groups, leading politicians, and individuals, enabling them to Manage the Media by providing media training, as well as guidance to design and implement strategies and tactics related to public relations, marketing, advertising, audio and video production, and website development.



Tony has written, produced, directed, and reported live and taped broadcasts for radio and television, both commercial and public, network and local, winning a number of national awards. He has produced more than a thousand hours of programming and commercials. Here are a few samples:



Tony wrote weekly "Great Lives" profiles for The Carmel Pine Cone. (Click to see a list of the profiles.)

He was also a senior writer for 65 Degrees magazine. And he penned restaurant reviews and other pieces for the Monterey County Weekly.





Tony came late to aviation -- age 49 -- but thinks it was the most important move in his life. He has written extensively about the thrill of learning to fly and aviation, for both print and electronic media. Here is some of his work:


Curriculum Vitae

Tony got started in professional communications at age 19, on April Fool's Day 1970, working as a $73-a-week copy-boy on the overnight assignment desk at ABC Network Television News in New York...more



Tony lives in Carmel, California and can be most easily be reached by email.







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