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"From the Ground Up" is a unique program that discovers new prospective students. The program is unique because most new-pilot programs are response-driven -- that is, they provide information to people who are already looking. With a series of one-minute radio reports, we reach out both to those people who know they want to learn how to fly, and to a much broader audience of people who have not yet dreamed the dream!
The "From the Ground Up" series appeals to a wide spectrum of radio listeners, including people who have the resources to learn how to fly, but who have never seriously entertained the possibility. There are thousands of people in that 30-to-54 year old target market who would be interested in taking a discovery flight, and maybe going on to take lessons, if only the thought crossed their minds.
"From the Ground Up" was created by award-winning veteran broadcast journalist Tony Seton, while he was actually learning to fly. In his reports, he relives the thrill of flying as he shares his experience with the audience, engaging both the thoughts and feelings of his listeners. He provides them with a deeper, truer understanding of what it's like learning how to fly.
For flight schools and individual instructors trying to recruit more pre-qualified students, "From the Ground Up" can be very effective. We quickly engage the listeners and then give them a clear picture of what learning to fly really involves -- in terms of resources, time, and character. The series also generates company name familiarity in the community, especially among businesses that keep an eye out for innovative marketing.
You can license the "From the Ground Up" series for air in your local radio market. We can consult with you on which station(s) would be likely to reach most of your potential customers and arrange to clear the best air time.

  ** We can put your name in the "brought to you by..." billboard inside the beginning of each report.

  ** We can also place your own commercial message to run after each "From the Ground Up" report. If you would like, we can custom produce a new commercial for you that ties in a special promotion with the series.

  ** There are three series of "From the Ground Up", and each features 20 different reports on what it's like to learn to fly.

  ** We recommend buying time for each report in the series to play at the same time -- e.g., 7:15am and 5:15pm -- each weekday for four weeks.

  ** We will also collect listener calls on a toll-free number, and that information can be made available to you.

  ** "From the Ground Up" reports are evergreen. They can be played for years, and year around.

Some people will want to take flying lessons themselves while other listeners will want to provide the instructions for a loved one or friend, maybe as a birthday or Christmas gift. For more information, please contact Tony Seton at "From the Ground Up".

Flight Instructors
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