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"From the Ground Up" is a new series of one-minute radio spots on learning to fly which can be marketed to flight schools at your local airport. Appealing to a general audience -- but primarily targeting the 30-to-54 educated male with money, the "From the Ground Up" series is also an excellent sales vehicle for financial advisors, brokerage houses, banks, luxury car dealers, and other high-end retailers.
There are three "From the Ground Up" series, each with twenty different reports. The reports each stand alone, but should be played sequentially. All of the reports are evergreen -- they can be played for years, and year around. "From the Ground Up" will prompt some people to take flying lessons themselves, and other listeners will decide to purchase a discovery flight or instruction package as a gift for a relative or friend.
Each "From the Ground Up" report features an opening ("Brought to you by...") billboard that we will customize for your client. We also collect listener information on a toll-free number and on our website, and will make that information available to you and to the sponsor.
There are several marketing advantages in the "From the Ground Up" program. (1) The series is most successful when you sell the package with two fixed-position plays each weekday for four weeks. (2) You can sell both a billboard sponsorship and an adjacency, to the same or different clients. (3) Contracts are available for the individual series or a package of three, with a discount for the package. (4) Rates are based on market size and commission structure.
You can have a CD of "From the Ground Up" reports customized with your sponsor's name in the billboard in just a few days, or take delivery over the internet. Included in the package are promos that mention your sponsor's name, your call letters and the air times, for use both in advance of the campaign and during the four-week flight.
For more information on how "From the Ground Up" can help you sell a premium time upscale sponsors, over and over again, please contact Tony Seton.
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