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Does your business thrive on an upscale market? Are your best customers people with an education and money? Those are the same people who are listening to "From the Ground Up".
"From the Ground Up" is a series of one-minute radio reports on learning to fly, which appeals to a broad spectrum of the listening audience, and especially attracts the 30-to-54 year old professionals.
"From the Ground Up" reaches three basic markets: Those people who have always nurtured the dream that someday they would learn to fly; those who had not thought about it but now think it's worth exploring; and those who just like good radio reporting.
Companies that associate their name with "From the Ground Up" create a reputation for being ahead of the curve. They are the ones who do business with the innovators and early adopters. They identify the cream and go after it!
The primary market are the people who have both the desire and the resources to learn to fly. While not huge in total numbers, they have a disproportionately greater share of the buying power. Who listens to "From the Ground Up"? They are people who have at least a thousand dollars a month in discretionary income. They recognize the power of being able to escape the confines of commercial schedules. They appreciate the special recognition that devolves to people who have earned their private pilot's license.
The second market includes the myriad "From the Ground Up" listeners who identify with the magic of flying. They may not have the funds at the moment to take lessons, but they like the ideas of both learning and flying.
And the third group comprises almost everybody who spends anytime listening to the radio for information. Written by Tony Seton -- award-winning veteran broadcast journalist and new pilot -- "From the Ground Up" shares the excitement of both the learning and the flying. Describing first-hand experience of the process of earning his pilot's license, Tony engages his audience with stimulating concepts about aircrafts and flight, along with entertaining anecdotes and bits of aviation lore.
For businesses seeking to put their name before this prime audience, in terms of numbers and demographics, "From the Ground Up" can be a very powerful delivery system. First, there is a billboard position inside the beginning of each report. And second, to reinforce the name association with a message, there is always the opportunity to buy an adjacent commercial spot.
For a national or regional firm with local offices, the opportunity for co-op advertising may be most appealing, with the umbrella buying the series for billboard sponsorship and the local office purchasing the adjacent position for a branch connection.
There are three "From the Ground Up" series, each with twenty different reports. We recommend buying time for each report to play twice each weekday, at the same time, for four weeks. We will also collect listener calls on a toll-free number, and that information will be made available to you.
"From the Ground Up" reports are evergreen. They can be played for years and year round. Some people will want to take flying lessons themselves, while other listeners will want to provide the course of instruction as a gift for a relative or friend. Business owners may decide it would be practical for an employee to learn to fly.
Contracts are available for the individual series or in a package. Rates are based on market size and commission structure. Included in the package will be promos that mention your business name and the time that the spots play. The promos would air in advance of the schedule and during the four weeks.
For more information on how "From the Ground Up" can help you put your name in front of the most desirable market in radio, over and over again, please contact Tony Seton at "From the Ground Up".
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