Demo 1
Take Back
    the Skies
From the Ground Up...the first incarnation.
I learned to fly by trading commercial time at a radio station where I was working for flight instruction. Out trade arrangement meant that my lessons were occasional and sporadic, due to inclement weather and the availability of the airplane. Thus, because I lacked material to write and report, the air times for the commercial also failed to find a regular schedule for air play.
For a couple of weeks, at the beginning and again at the end of the radio schedule, the commercials ran twice a day, during the noon hour and again shortly after five in the afternoon. The spots each ran two minutes, and were tagged with a plug: For more information, call (the local FBO) and gave the phone number.
Despite the irregularity of the radio schedule, the series generated significant response, both visibility for the FBO itself and for new students for flight instruction.
Here is a sampling of those spots, both audio and text versions. The background music is from Craig Chaquico's disc Acoustic Highway and is entitled, appropriately, "Return of the Eagle".

•My first time at the controls (text version)
•Pedaling across the airport (text version)
•How to learn to learn to fly (text version)
•But how does it fly? (text version)
•To touch the face of God (text version)
•Substitute teacher (text version)
•Four touch's, five go's (text version)
•Blowin' in the wind (text version)
•Don't panic, it doesn't help (text version)

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